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Normally, the application process for the CCC mark takes 60 to 90 days and, sometimes, it may take longer than usual . However, CSA/CCIC Customer Service Center always completes the whole certification process within 45 working days after the Agent Agreement is signed and we obtain adequate application documents from the client (the time of delivering the sample, revision of the sample and correcting the Quality Assurance System is not covered). We coordinate and follow up with the Chinese government, certification bodies and testing labs, so we help you simplify the CCC certification process.


Now, if the initial factory inspection has been done and a CB Test Certificate is submitted with Chinese deviations covered and acceptable photos included, it is now possible to get reduced lead times to obtain CCC mark for 15-25 working days. We have already established previous affiliations with relevant authentication and testing organization, so we are quite sure that we can finish the project within the appointed time.

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