China Compulsory Certification
  CCC Mark Product Scope
Certification Process
Certification Duration
Express Service
Sample Certificate
Sample CCC Labels
Voluntary Certification
  Sample Certificate
CCC Exemption Certification
  The materials provided
Certification Duration
Sample Certificate
CCC MARKS Purchase

The materials provided:

1  Formal Requisition

A  The introduction to enterprise
B  The materials to prove measuring up to the terms of exemption
C  The name, address, tel, fax of the applicant
D  Manufacturer, consignee, contract No., the title, model, quantities of commodities, mark and port
E  The planning for importing the repairing parts (if included in the scope of exemption) of the coming half an year.

2  The warranty of responsibilities

3  The declaration of conformity (Type testing Report)

4  List of Commercial Contract

5  Copy of the Enterprise License

6  invoice

7  waybill

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