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Application This means submission of an application and supporting materials, including user guides, CB reports, EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) reports, regulatory labels, and other information.

2. Type testing A CNCA-designated test laboratory in China will test product samples.
3. Factory inspection The certification bodies will send representatives to inspect every facility your products manufactured. For example, if your company manufactures Product Z in five separate factories in U.S., all of which will ship product to China , you need to have five separate factory inspections. Please note that Chinese inspectors will need U.S. visas to visit U.S.-based facilities. The U.S. State Department is now subjecting visa applications to a greater degree of scrutiny than in the past, and visa applicants are being advised to expect delays. These visa delays may slow your CCC application.
4. Evaluation of certification results followed by approval (or failure or retesting).

Follow-up factory inspection Chinese officials will re-inspect the product's manufacturing facilities every 12C18 months

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