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To the Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification, Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification Mark, The First Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Certification, no import commodities subject to the import safety license system shall be allowed to import or sales unless they have been granted an import safety license by the State Administration of Commodity Inspection. For the favoring implementation, some compulsory products can be exempted from the certification in some cases:

I. The products imported/manufactured for R&D and Testing purpose
II. The components imported for assessing the product line
III. The repair parts for services to end-user
IV. The facilities or accessories imported for the product line, excluding office equipments.
V. The products imported for commercial display only
VI. The products imported provisionally and returned at last, including exhibits
. The spare parts imported for whole units exported with the sales contract
. The spare parts imported for whole units exported with outsourcing materials

The manufacturer or agent should summit proof materials, the warranty of responsibility, and the declaration of conformity to the local office of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (CIQ). Once approved to acquire the Certificate of Exemption, the products will be allowed to import.

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