We help you check if your products are subject to CCC certification
We help you grasp the updated news about CCC.
We help you save time.
We simplify the certification procedure.
We accelerate the certification process.
We facilitate certification issuance

How to start?

•  Contact us. CSA/CCIC help you familiarize the whole process of the CCC certification and help you prepare the materials you should provide.

•  Make application to CSA/CCIC. CSA/CCIC examines, confirms and presents the documents to Chinese certification body.

•  Send samples. CSA/CCIC informs you to send samples and follows up the type testing.

•  Prepare for Initial Factory Inspection. CSA/CCIC affirms Initial Factory Inspection schedule with certification body and coordinates the logistics of Initial Factory Inspection for you.

•  Get the approval. CSA/CCIC facilitates the issuance of certification, helps you gain approval for pressing/printing of the mark or purchase the CCC mark.

With good relationship with various Chinese government, certification bodies and testing labs, we can help you throughout the whole process to ensure that you will get the CCC certification in the most efficient way. If you interested in our service, please contact us.


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