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How to identify the CCC mark?
1. CCC adopts 10 measures to identify CCC mark

(1) The mark is destroyed when torn off,

(2) Fluorescence recognition technology, (the left of the letter CCC, namely, the letter S, EMC, S&E, F turn wine when they are in the light of fluorescence )

(3) Laser n. recognition technology

(4) Micro character processed

(5) Coding recognition technology etc.

2. Coding recognition technology of CCC mark.

(1) Every mark has an exclusive code. When providing the mark, the management center of Marking has input the information, corresponding to the product, into the database. The database includes the following information:

A. Coding of marks with quantities issued

B. Specification of the CCC mark.

C. Name of the applicant

D. the corresponding product

E. Name of the Factory

F. Serial number of the Certificate etc.

Different types of CCC marks should be put on the corresponding products. In some special instance, the usage could be adjusted within factories.

2. Based on the CCC Mark Administration Centers database, CNCA cooperates with Sina.com, building an inquiry system, to avoid the fake of CCC mark. When it is in operation, the relevant administrators as well as consumers can check the authenticity of CCC marks via Internet or telephone.

If you are doubtful with the CCC mark, please contact the CCC Mark Administration Centre to identify:

Add: No.15, West Street, Fangcao Di, Beijing, 100020, China

Tel: +86-10-65043418

Fax: +86-10-65069049

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