Introduction of CCIC
Introduction of CSA
Our advantages
Our Clients

Associating with CSA and CCIC, keeping good and close relationships with each authenticating and testing organization, and government departments, for example, local entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureaus.

Getting the qualification for CCC application as an agent in the first batch with the register number as CJ0604119.

Having clients all over the world: Intel, Sony, NEC, FDK, Acer, Sampo, Lucent, Printronix Inc., Tyco Alpha-Top and etc

Professional & Speediness
Familiarizing procedure, simplifying procedure, accelerating process, and saving time and labor

Technical support
Providing clear technical division, on-the-spot guidance and assistance, information feedbacks and technology communication

Newest business movement
Holding the newest business movement, offering firsthand information

Zealous service
Free inquiry, professional explanations

Security promise
Observing professional ethics, keeping commercial secret


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